Frostpunk developer drops teaser trailer for its upcoming game

Frostpunk developer drops teaser trailer for its upcoming game

June 10, 2021 0 By admin

The Frostpunk and This War of Mine: The Little Ones developer, 11 Bit Studios, has just dropped a cold, blood-soaked teaser trailer ahead of the official reveal of the game on August 12th.
If you’re looking for some more Frostpunk in your life you might just be in luck. 11 Bit Studios just dropped a 40-second teaser trailer on its YouTube channel, and it features snow, blood, a sledgehammer, an oil drum, and a frozen dude — but mostly snow. The studio has painted itself into a corner when it comes to anything cold, after the great success of Frostpunk, so now it’s safe to say that speculation will probably focus on something to do with that — we’re thinking Frostrocker… yeah, that’s it.

“The wasteland covered by snow’s quilt seems quiet, calm, asleep as if the wind was its lullaby,” it says in the trailer’s description: “Yet, the crimson scars mark the battleground for precious things worth breaking up alliances over.” If this makes any sense to anyone, please feel free to share it with the class.

Will you be eagerly waiting for the game’s reveal on August 12th? Let us know!

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