Xbox Series X outperforms PS5, up to 120fps

Xbox Series X outperforms PS5, up to 120fps

May 6, 2021 0 By admin

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will include a performance mode on consoles with the Xbox Series X supporting frame rates of up to 120fps compared to the PS5, which manages just 60fps.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

According to BioWare, console players will have two graphics options to choose from in Mass Effect Legendary Edition that can be toggled between at any time during the game. The ‘Favor Quality’ mode will target “the highest visual fidelity possible in exchange for a lower target framerate.” In contrast, ‘Favor Framerate’ scales down the native resolution and reduces some graphical features for “the highest framerate possible.”

In quality mode, both the Xbox Series X and PS5 will target frame rates of up to 60fps at 4K In performance, the Series X beats out the PS5, with Microsoft’s console targeting up to 120fps at 1440p, while the PS5 will only reach for 60fps at 1440p.

On Xbox Series S and Xbox One X, Mass Effect Legendary Edition players can choose between 30fps at 4K or 60fps at 1440p. On the base Xbox One, the game runs at either 30fps at 1080p or up to 60fps in 1080p.

BioWare previously released a comparison trailer, which shows side-by-side comparisons of the remastered trilogy versus the original games. Environments are now more detailed, character models have also been improved, and all textures in the game have either been enhanced or remade. The developer also confirmed that the Legendary Edition will include some overhauled achievements.

Mass Effect Legendary Edtion launches on May 14th

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