Apex Legends devs detail new Legend, Valkyrie

Apex Legends devs detail new Legend, Valkyrie

May 2, 2021 0 By admin

The Apex Legends team has now gone into greater detail about the abilities of new Legend Valkyrie, “the ultimate wingman and a Legend who’s poised to dominate the sky” when Legacy launches next week on May 4th.
Valkyrie’s backstory is detailed in full over on the Apex Legends site. “Bold, brash, fiery and fierce, Kairi Imahara isn’t above greasing palms and bending the law.” She lost her father, Titanfall 2’s Viper, when she was a small child. “She wanted to be just like him when she grew up. But the next day he left on a mission and never returned. In some ways, she still followed in his footsteps: it wasn’t a Titan, but her ship offered a decent living. Her personal life, however, was anything but. During the day, she smuggled precious cargo, and at night, went shot for shot with the outlaws and mercs in the bars. But even though she had her ladies, her liquor, and her love of the sky, she was still obsessed with finding the man who’d put her father in harm’s way: his commander, Kuben Blisk.” After finding Blisk, she stole his Apex Games card and built a jetpack with the flight core from Northstar. “And that was when Kairi could finally soar on her own… and in a version of her dad’s Titan, that ended up being hers after all.

Her jetpack gives her the VTOL Jets passive ability, letting her fly around until her fuel runs out — it refills over time. She can also help her team with the Skyward Dive ultimate ability, which allows any allies to “hook into take-off systems” and join her as she jumps up to skydive. Lastly, Valkyrie’s tactical ability, Missile Swarm, involves a wave of mini-rockets.

It’s just a few days now until Legacy launches for Apex Legends on May 4th. With this reveal of Valkyrie’s abilities, we now know about most of the biggest changes coming with the new season, including the changes to Olympus, and the new permanent Arenas game mode. What are you most looking forward to with Legacy? Let us know in the comments!

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