It Takes Two hits one million copies sold

It Takes Two hits one million copies sold

April 26, 2021 0 By admin

Hazelight Studios has confirmed that its co-op adventure game It Takes Two has sold a million copies, saying that the game’s “still going strong.”

The exciting news comes via Hazelight Studios’ Twitter account, sharing that the game has sold one million copies, and noting that It Takes Two is still going strong. Hazelight’s previous title, A Way Out, sold a million in pretty much the same time frame, which exceeded EA’s expectations. It’s always nice to see a game get some well-deserved recognition, and proves that there’s plenty of room for co-op narrative games on our consoles.

It Takes Two has been started by almost 10,000 of you here on TA, with 13% of players managing to grab all 20 of the game’s achievements. More impressive still is that you’ve given the game a TA rating of 4.72/5. If you’re yet to jump into this co-op adventure, then grab a friend and set aside around 10-12 hours to get it completed. Are you one of the million players that have purchased the game so far? Let us know down below!

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