Xbox Game Pass gets Amazon Alexa functionality in the US

Xbox Game Pass gets Amazon Alexa functionality in the US

April 14, 2021 0 By admin

You can now download games, find out what’s new, and check what’s leaving using your voice, thanks to the new Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Alexa functionality in the United States.

xbox game pass and amazon alexa voice functions

Microsoft is the first gaming partner to enable the new Alexa direct-download feature (thanks, TheVerge), allowing users to download games from Xbox Game Pass. You’ll also be able to ask Alexa about games leaving the service soon or what the latest additions are. To use the new feature, you’ll first need an active Xbox Game Pass subscription and an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. No Alexa Skill is needed to use the feature, either — all you need to say is “Alexa, download [game title] from Xbox Game Pass.” The game will be downloaded as long as you have linked your Xbox to Alexa already.

Currently, only residents of the United States can use the feature, although additional markets are planned for the future. Why not try out the new feature by downloading some games to complete this week’s Xbox Game Pass Quests? Let us know what you think of it… seriously, please do, because we are across the pond and living in the dark ages.

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