Creative Assembly opens third UK studio

Creative Assembly opens third UK studio

April 14, 2021 0 By admin

Creative Assembly has announced that its third UK studio is now open. The new studio is to better manage its ever-growing team after the company saw a 20% workforce growth since last year.

Creative Assembly opens third studio in Horsham, West Sussex.

The creation of a new studio (thanks, comes after Creative Assembly announced that it employs a whopping 800 full-time staff, making it the largest UK game developer. Creative Assembly has seen a 20% increase in its workforce since last year, and although the teams are currently working remotely, the company has said that it’s looking to incorporate some on-site work in the future. When the teams start to return to their offices, those based in Horsham, West Sussex will have a new facility to work from. Creative Assembly’s studio director Gareth Edmonson wants to make sure that flexibility is the new norm for the Total War, Alien: Isolation, and Halo Wars 2 developer.

“While we want to amplify the benefits of remote working, we also know that there is no virtual substitution to in-person creative collaboration, so we’ll be redesigning our working rhythm as well as our environment to focus on creativity and innovation when we are in the office,” said Edmonson. “We have a fantastic reputation for being one of the best game developers to work for with our positive approach to work-life balance. I want to continue to build on this and see an end to the traditional 9-5 in-office work model.”

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