No Man’s Sky gets free Expeditions update today

No Man’s Sky gets free Expeditions update today

April 1, 2021 0 By admin

No Man’s Sky’s latest free update, Expeditions, arrives today and “gives players a whole new way to explore together.”
Over on the Xbox Wire post, Hello Games founder Sean Murray says “the Expeditions update should be a great place to jump in” for new and returning players alike. “Set forth on a new community-focused adventure with new content each season. Master a unique set of challenges with revitalised mission mechanics, visit bustling hub worlds, and earn exclusive rewards to keep across all saves.”

This Expeditions update was designed around the idea of “recapturing the excitement of setting out into the universe for the very first time.” Each event will have a theme and start at one fixed location, “bringing the whole community of travellers together to embark on a shared journey.” You’ll be earning rewards like new customisation options by meeting other travellers at Rendezvous Points and reaching “exploration milestones.” Target Sweep Mode has been added to the Analysis Visor for a “new element of exploration gameplay,” and Hello Games has adapted missions to take this new Target Sweep mode into consideration. Weekend Missions have returned to “unite the community around a common goal,” with Quicksilver available as a reward. On top of all this, the HUD has been given a cleaner look, and the devs have implemented a number of “improvements to early game balance.”

This Expeditions update comes hot on the heels of No Man’s Sky’s free Companions update, which let you adopt creatures to bring on adventures. What do you think of the Expeditions update? Let us know in the comments!

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