Cyberpunk 2077 patch will fix issues with district activity achievements not unlocking

Cyberpunk 2077 patch will fix issues with district activity achievements not unlocking

March 30, 2021 0 By admin

CD Projekt Red has shared the patch notes for Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.2, which arrives for Xbox “soon.” The patch will fix a long list of issues with gameplay, quests, open-world aspects, and more, as well as issues with certain achievements.

Patch 1.2 patch notes

CDPR had already shared how Patch 1.2 will make police response time more realistic, but the patch notes show that it will also address other gameplay issues. For instance, it will ensure that disassembling grenades gives you the correct components, and introduces a fix for the issue where NPCs could get stuck in doorways, which meant V couldn’t kill them. There will also be a fix for the issue causing NPCs to trip over each other too often, for hearing the wrong dialogue when grappling enemies, for the glitch that stopped players taking fall damage if they performed a slide action, and fixes for a whole lot of other issues.

Cyberpunk 2077The JungleThe The Jungle achievement in Cyberpunk 2077 worth 94 pointsComplete all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in Santo Domingo.

Along with a range of fixes for quest-related bugs, Patch 1.2 will also address open-world issues and problems with certain achievements. Some players were having trouble with achievements for completing distract activities like The Wasteland achievement or The Jungle achievement, with achievement progress stuck at a certain percentage. It seems Update 1.1 fixed this for some players, while others were still stuck at the wrong completion percentage. Patch 1.2 should fix this issue entirely and cause those achievements to unlock correctly.

The patch notes go on to cover issues with cinematic design, environment and level problems, issues with graphics, audio, and animation, and more. If you fancy taking a look through the whole thing, you can check the patch notes on the Cyberpunk 2077 site.

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